About our company

Howdy Franklin, TN!

   After seeing so many websites and ads that just go on and on with no real feel for the company or how they operate I (the owner) have decided to write this post to tell you a little about your local Wildlife Removal and Animal Damage Control Co. We are a state licensed and well insured full service company that offers services from start to finish. This means we are fully capable of removing offending wildlife and offer services to prevent or control nuisance animals.

   Example: You have a family of raccoon in the attic and you have no idea how they got in there or how long they have been there and you wan’t them removed. We come in and remove the offending raccoon from your attic in Franklin, TN and after we are done with the animal removal service, we offer an exclusion. Exclusions are methods or devices that are installed to prevent a future raccoon problem. When we are completely sure the offending raccoon are removed from the attic we then start the exclusion phase. Then will we repair any raccoon damage inside the attic caused by the pest raccoon. We guarantee the prevention methods we put into place to prevent critters from becoming a future problem. These are given out per job based on the integrity of the structure.

   You will also enjoy 1 on 1 with the owner not a hourly technician. I personally open and close all jobs and we do not call a job done until I have inspected everything myself. I truly pride myself on my integrity and it shows. I do not tolerate anyone working for me to leave a mess behind, do substandard work, being rude, not caring for our clients property and most important to me is the honesty of my employees.

   Not only will you enjoy the 1 on 1 with the owner but we offer many “freebies” with our services. I’d say what they were but in fear of competition reading this we will not give them the opportunity to take our “freebies” and use them to charge anyone.

   We also take pictures of any findings. I hear so many stories from all over where a company done an inspection and lied or exaggerated about the damages just go up sale and charge the client for work that didn’t need to be done. We do not do this and the pictures are our proof that an animal has caused damage to your property. Sometimes photos aren’t necessary but if it is in tight or unsafe location we would never expect our clients to go up into a dangerous or hazardous attic to see the damage for themselves. The photos do that.

   Not to toot the ole horn but we offer two free services every year to those who simply cannot afford wildlife removal services. We truly believe in giving back to the community.

   I am a firm believer in “You get what you pay for and you should pay for what you get!”. So if you find a company that seems to be offering a super low price. Beware, they are more than likely trying to rip you off.

   I love helping my clients and making them happy. When we’re done our goal is to look you in the face and say “Ma’am or Sir, We hope to never have to see you again!”

   I know this is alot to take in and I hope you have read it all. It’s important to me.

   We will always respect you, treat you like an individual not cash value. We will always respect your home or property and of course respect the fact that you have chosen to go with us and spend your hard earned dollars with us.

Best Wishes to You and Yours!

– Owner