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Ground Hog Removal Franklin TN

Groundhog, Woodchuck or Whistle-Pig removal of Franklin, TN is here to help local Franklin, Brentwood, Spring Hill and Surrounding TN communities with there tough groundhog control problems.

You probably searched  “How to remove groundhogs from your yard? Franklin TN.”. Well you can stop searching for groundhog control solution help! Franklin, TN Wildlife Control Services are experts in groundhog/woodchuck extermination, groundhog removal and groundhog control for Franklin,TN. Franklin’s leading wildlife removal company has a variety of methods to remove groundhog from your yard, removing groundhog from under porches, groundhog removal from under decks, pool sides and other places groundhogs like to cause damage.

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Alot of our calls for groundhog removal in Franklin, Brentwood and other Williamson County areas are from residents who are concerned about groundhogs damaging their lawn, groundhog eating or destroying gardens or crops and sometimes its done gone to far and the groundhogs have already done so. Groundhog burrows are large and they may have more than one on the property. Woodchuck burrows are easy to spot and you will usually see more than one entry or exit for the groundhogs.  Their prime location for making burrows is often times on a grassy hillside or in and around a partly shady area.

Also we get calls asking “How do we remove groundhog from our yard?”.

“Do groundhog repellents work?”


“Will insecticide work as a groundhog repellent?”.

The answer to that is “sometimes”  these methods for groundhog removal have a very very low success rate. As matter of fact it almost never works. Some of our groundhog removal & control calls out of Franklin, TN are from folks who have already tried these methods only to find it was a total waste of money and the groundhogs are still damaging their property. The best way is to actually remove groundhog and trans-locate groundhog very far away so they have no chance of ever making it back to wreak groundhog havoc.

So if you are tired of coming out into your garden, lawn or other areas of your property only to see the awful sight of groundhog damage or groundhogs destroying your crops give your local Groundhog Removal and Control Co of Franklin, TN.

Groundhog Prevention, Franklin TN

Groundhog removal under shed
You can see here where a groundhog has made a burrow under this shed. You can also see in the photo that the client had tried numerous times to prevent the groundhog from burrowing under the shed with no luck. We removed the groundhog, applied a wildlife control barrier and they haven’t had a problem since.

Wildlife Removal Franklin, TN knows how to prevent groundhogs from destroying your lawn, garden, golf course and other locations on your Franklin properties.

The photo on the left shows where a groundhog has been digging to burrow under a shed. You can also see where the homeowner has attempted numerous time to keep the groundhog from digging underneath the shed with no luck. We knew just how to remove the groundhog from under this outbuilding and we’ve installed a wildlife barrier so that they will not have the same problem with future animals they may find the underside of this shed as a suitable home. This particular groundhog removal service in Franklin, TN has yet to have a single critter burrow under the shed. Not to say other critters haven’t tried!

After we complete your pest groundhog removal we can install groundhog barriers to prevent groundhog from entering your yard and keep groundhog from entering your garden as well as other areas. Our groundhog prevention methods are the best around Franklin and its practically invisible! These barriers also keep other burrowing critters from entering your Franklin, TN property also.