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Nine-banded armadillo are one of the most destructive nuisance critters for our Franklin residence and commercial property owners. Just one Franklin nuisance armadillo can create  hundreds of small grubbing holes or pits in a lawn in just a few days. Armadillo trapping is the only effective method to removing and but not the best prevention of armadillo in Franklin as they can burrow under any fence or structure to get into a good feeding location. They often times burrow under water pipes, pools,  concrete foundations and air conditioning units. But no worries, our Armadillo Removal & Prevention Services have you covered when it comes to armadillo removal & prevention in Franklin, TN. Armadillo absolutely love moist shady woodland areas where ground dwelling insects (not just grub worms) are plentiful. “Grub Control Products” are not an effective means to control or keep armadillos from causing grubbing damage as the product only kills grubs and has to be reapplied over and over. Wildlife Removal Services of Franklin, TN knows how to trap or remove armadillo and exclude armadillo from foundations, a/c units, sheds, driveways and more.

Armadillo removal and armadillo problems caused for your Franklin, TN

armadillo-damage-removal-franklin- tennessee-how-to-

 Residential and Commercial properties.

A few signs or problems you may be experiencing when dealing with these pest or often called nuisances are:

Tunneling under a A/C Unit, Foundation of homes, carports, pools and other structures that causes expensive and extensive damages to the integrity of your home.

Small holes on your lawn, flower beds or garden. Known as “Grubbing”.

*We get alot of calls for our Franklin Armadillo Relocation help when it comes to Armadillos destroying your Franklin lawn.*

Unexplained damage to water pipes and sprinkler irrigation systems.

Mounds of dirt outside of sometimes an unseen tunnel.

Abnormal behavior coming from pets (mostly dogs) who can smell the dillers “funk” or have spotted the armadillo on your Franklin, TN property.


If you haven’t experienced any of these problems but have seen an Armadillo on your property, you can bet that these problems will occur.

You may simply not have noticed them yet!

Armadillos also carry several nasty diseases that can affect not only humans but our beloved pets as well!

The best thing to do is simply get rid of these animals.

We have plenty of room on our Wildlife Management Area so you can rest assured your problem Armadillo won’t be returning and it will be captured and released unharmed!

We are your local Franklin, TN nuisance animal Armadillo Removal Co. & Armadillo Prevention Service.

Without having the Armadillo Removed the Armadillo cause many types of problems in the Franklin, Area.

Franklin Armadillo Removal Service is typically needed when an armadillo is getting really destructive to a Tennessee residents lawn, garden, watering pond or other property. These critters can cause extensive damage in a short time if it goes unnoticed or untreated. Armadillo damage can range from grubbing in a Franklin flower bed to tunneling under a Franklin Subdivision homes water pipe causing it to burst.

Why use a Professional Armadillo Removal Service?

A  Expert Franklin Armadillo Removal Technician has the know how & equipment to trap armadillo, remove and prevent armadillos from causing further damage. Armadillo trapping isn’t as easy as a person may think. You’ve got to know armadillos and how armadillos move for a successful armadillo relocation/removal to solve your problem. Not to mention the safety when dealing with a armadillo problem in Franklin, TN.

Armadillos have very poor eyesight and tend to just wonder or bounce around a yard like a pinball in a pinball machine. They have excellent sense of smell this is how they pinpoint grub or other insects in your grass or dirt and dig little holes to extract them. Armadillos also are very very fast critters they can move extremely well on top of land as well as in a tunnel or while digging a tunnel in your yard.

We’ve spent alot of time learning the habits of the 9 banded Armadillo and the proper removal of armadillo and how to prevent and remove armadillos in Franklin effectively. With a combination of  Wildlife Removal Services of Franklin, TN’s  armadillo trapping/removal and armadillo exclusion methods we are able to solve just about any armadillo problem that comes to Franklin residents way who have a armadillo problem.

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