Raccoon Removal

Raccoon-Removal-Franklin-Raccoon-Trapper-BrentwoodRaccoon Removal From Attics in Franklin, TN

For raccoon removal Franklin, TN we know what to look for and how to solve your pest raccoon problem. When it comes to raccoons destroying an attic or other area of your home Raccoon Removal Services of Franklin, TN are here to help. We not only remove the raccoon in the attic problem but fix the damages caused by the raccoon and prevent future raccoon entering the attic and causing problems for our Franklin,TN residents.

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Got raccoon sounds late at night coming from your attic/ceiling in Franklin, TN?

We are a full service  wild raccoon removal company helping Franklin with their pesky raccoon problems!  This means we come in from start to finish. Removing the offending raccoon, repairing their damage, clean up and disinfecting their bio hazardous waste, and implementing raccoon exclusion methods (keeping raccoon out!).

It’s NEVER a good idea to try to remove a wild raccoon from your Franklin, TN attic yourself.

It is extremely dangerous and you yourself can inadvertently cause the raccoon to wreak more havoc than you intend or can afford! We’ve seen raccoons rip roofing off just to get inside our back outside the attic. We’ve had Franklin folks call in with “We’ve sealed the raccoon hole up but now we’ve got this awful dead odor”. This is why its very important to called a Local Licensed & Insured Raccoon Removal Professional!


The best thing to do is remove the Raccoon as soon as possible to prevent a pregnant Raccoon from having babies or causing anymore damage or issues.

A few signs of raccoon or raccoon related problems you may be experiencing when dealing with a pesky raccoon that needs to be removed  are

-Raccoon Digging in/under a A/C Unit Transition Shield.

 -Late night sounds like rattling, scraping, chirping.

 -Raccoon Urine or Fecal Stains on your ceiling.

-Other Foul odors inside the home caused by a Raccoon.

-Scraping, Chirping or other unusual sounds caused by a Raccoon inside Chimneys Flue Pipe.

-Minor and MAJOR Structural Damage inside of attic or crawlspace. 

-Raccoon knocking over garbage cans and making a mess of pet food storage areas.  

-Unexplained damage to water pipes and sprinkler irrigation systems.

-Unexplained electrical problems. (Raccoon will typically chew through anything to get what or to where they want. Even HIGH VOLTAGE electrical wiring.)

-Abnormal behavior coming from pets (mostly dogs) who have smelled, heard or have spotted the critter on your property.



We are your leading Franklin Nuisance Raccoon Removal & Damage Repair/Control Company In Franklin, TN.

If you haven’t experienced any of these problems but have seen an Raccoon on your property often, you should always call a Licensed and Skilled Franklin/Brentwood Raccoon Removal Company!


Raccoon also carry several nasty diseases that can affect not only humans but our beloved pets as well!


(Raccoon poop, pee, feces or urine also hold many of the harmful bacteria and parasites such as “Raccoon Round Worms”.)