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“The Pros who Nose” Dead Animal Removal Franklin, Brentwood TN, Bellevue, Green Hills


Get rid of dead animal Franklin, Brentwood TN, Bellevue, Green Hills, Spring Hill & Thompson Station  today! Our locally owned and operated company removes departed animals like raccoon, squirrel, opossum, skunk, dog/cat & rodents from under your home crawlspace, attic, ceiling, wall, chimney. After we have rendered our removal service for and your dead opossum, skunk, raccoon, squirrel, bird or other animal from within your home, attic, crawlspace chimney, stove pipe or flu we know how to  seal up and prevent the stinky aggravating problem from ever occurring again. Maybe you need a dead carcass removed quickly from your lawn or commercial property and you have already called your local dead animal control to come pick up or remove your dead animal only to find they just won’t remove dead critter at all? It’s not uncommon to have clients tell us this who need a dead animal removed from the attic, walls, chimneys, lawn and elsewhere.

When you have an animal that has died within your home or office building you may notice some of the following symptoms:

  • Odors (Usually the first sign that a animal has died inside/outside or under your home.)
  • Staining from decomposing animal on wall, ceiling or insulation.
  • Flies, Maggots and other insects or animals such as vultures that feed on decaying animals.
  • A pets unusual new interest in a particular area of home or property.
  • Bio-hazard and health risk related to dead animals including disease and bacteria.


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Professional dead animal removal and odor control Franklin Brentwood TN Bellevue Spring Hill & Thompson Station


We utilize several tools and tricks to when locating and removing dead animals like raccoon, squirrel, skunk, rat/mice, dogs & cats Franklin, Brentwood TN, Bellevue, Spring Hill & Thompson Station residents and really consider ourselves experts when it comes to knowing just how to find and remove your stinky dead critter with minimal damage or mess! Your dead animal removal and odor control co will use everything we have available such as scopes, inspection mirrors, infrared technology and other tricks to get your dead animal out cost effectively and with minimal damage so to not cause you further grief. We understand the stress and aggravation of having an unlucky intruder dying in an inaccessible location in a wall or void and stinking up your whole house or business property but…Before you call us for a dead animal removal service in or under your Franklin home, porch, crawl spaces, attics or commercial property do not try to control the odor yet. Our noses are the most valuable asset aside from our trained and skilled Franklin, TN dead animal removal technicians. Covering up the putrid dead animal odor may only hinder our progress at locating the dead critter or the dead animal smell removal service.

Dead animals can be dangerous to remove without the proper safety equipment and training. This is because the animal died for a reason,  they could have been host to many communicable diseases such as Rabies or even the Plague. For a better detailed list of diseases that animals carry see this link. We remove the dead animals along with the soil around it to reduce you, your family and pets exposure. Dead animal/soil removal is very important because of harmful bacteria that a dead animal carcass can leave behind in your Franklin,TN home. Pets like dogs are extremely vulnerable. They love to roll around in or on a dead carcass or where a animal has died previously. This in return tracks this harmful bacteria into your Franklin, Brentwood, or Belle Meade home thus exposing your children and other family members. There are a wide range of infectious diseases that a animal can transmit even after death. Please do not attempt any removal a dead animal without calling a trusted  Franklin Nuisance Animal Removal Company, CDC, or local Animal Control first.


Dead Dog/Cat Removal Franklin, Spring Hill or Brentwood, TN

Franklin Dead dog/cat removal Brentwood TN is here to help you with you with a deceased cat/dog in Franklin, Brentwood  TN, Bellevue, Green Hills, Spring Hill & Thompson Station We are not limited to removal of dead rats from walls in Franklin or a foul deceased skunk under a Brentwood TN  home.  We are equipped and ready to handle any dead animal situation our Franklin, TN residence face. We don’t mind the stinky difficult jobs such as a large dead canine under your home that has a tight squeeze. We offer a complete clean-up and odor control service alongside your dead dog or cat problem to eliminate any odors that can linger for some time after the dead animal service/extraction has been performed. So if you’ve called your local city services for dead animal removal in Franklin only to get told “No! We do not do dead animal removals on private property” then you’ve found the right guys for your dead animal removal problem! Don’t live in Franklin, Brentwood, Bellevue or Green Hills? It’s OK! We do dead animal removal from wall in Spring Hill & Thompson Station, TN – 37167  – 37127, 37128, 37129, 37130, 37131, 37132, 37122