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Snake Removal & Snake Control Co. of Franklin, Brentwood,TN, Thompson Station & Spring Hill, TN removes snakes with snake trapping, snake abatement & snake wrangling like no other. Franklin snake removal Brentwood or Thompson Station extracts & exterminates snakes from under homes, Spring Hill snake control, snake trapping Franklin or snake extermination Brentwood are what we are known for. We offer the most effective snake control to our clients. Residents often find themselves face to face inside their home with pest snakes during the late spring to early fall times of the year. You may need a snake removed from under your house, snake caught inside your garage or home, snakes extracted from walls or attic or a creepy slithering snake removed from your yard/lawn/garden in Middle Tenn.

Proud experts at snake extermination in Franklin we have exterminated or removed all types of snakes, poisonous snakes, non-venomous snakes, rat snakes, garter snakes, water snakes and even specialize in removing snakes such as rattlesnakes, copperheads, cottonmouth and other poisonous snake removal Brentwood, TN.

24/7  Snake Removal

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We know having a snake show up in your house, garage, pool, yard or elsewhere you’ve found a snake that you wan’t removed can happen at any time.

This is why we have implemented a on-call 24/7 for emergency snake locating, snake catching, snake trapping and Franklin snake removal service

Where do snakes enter homes or cause problems for most residents of Franklin or Brentwood, TN?

Places you may need a snake removed from can vary. Such as snakes in the garage removal, snake in the lawn/garden control, snake removal under house or snake abatement in the house, snake removal from within vehicles, pest snake control for commercial properties. How the snake got there can vary even more. Snakes can slither their way under garage doors, vents, snakes can even work their way into holes in block or slither right up a vertical brick wall to get inside of an attic, inside piping. Snakes often get transported to the area where you witnessed the snake. Moving Boxes, Exercise equipment, Furniture and items of that nature are excellent transportation methods for a snake to enter your home.

Species of snake removed/controlled in Brentwood TN, Thompson Station or Spring Hill, TN most often.

Your snake removal co. of Franklin, Brentwood TN, Thompson Station  & Spring Hill, TN has caught hundreds of snakes and performed countless snake control/prevention services for species such as rattlesnake, king snakes, coach whip, hognose and other nuisance creepy crawlies from residential and commercial areas across the Williamson County, Davidson County & Rutherford County areas the MOST common snake or snake infestations we remove are garter snakes (garden snakes), copperhead snakes, rat snakes and water moccasins.

Please! Do not attempt to relocate the suspect snake yourself!

No matter if the snake needing relocated is poisonous or non-poisonous a bite or infection from bacteria is still VERY real in either!

Trying to capture a snake yourself could very well be fatal.

Approximately 6,200-7,200  out of 40,000 Snake Bites end in death.

Let a Snake Control Expert of Franklin, TN handle, trap and remove these slithering scaly and sometimes deadly creatures.

We are experienced and properly equipped for snake removal and keeping these unwanted reptiles out of your home.

You can read about Snake Safety here.

We use the latest techniques when it comes to keeping snakes away from your yard, house, pond, garage or even hen house in Franklin.

We offer Snake Removal Services to local Franklin, Brentwood, Thompson Station & Spring Hill, TN residents who are in desperate need of a snake removal expert. We have offered snake removal solutions to numerous Franklin, TN residents.  On top of removing snakes that are native to the Franklin, TN area, we also come across non-native species of snakes needing removal from under homes, sheds, in garages, walls, pools and of course removal of snakes from the yards in the Franklin area. Residential and Commercial property owners who do not want snakes causing their reptilian havoc call upon us for our Professional Snake Removal & Snake Prevention Services in Franklin, TN.  Even if you are just curious about Snake Trapping, Catching, Hunting and other methods that Snake Removal Services of Franklin offers but don’t actually need snake control right now go ahead and write our number down and keep it handy. Snakes and Snake infestations tend to pick the most inconvenient time to present themselves.

If for some reason we cannot find the snake as the snake could slither into a seep hole along the outside of your home, or left the scene all together we can set up snake traps, snake netting and other snake capturing devices that work 24/7 to help locate and apprehend your loose problem snake as soon as it makes a move!


Franklin residents also know us as..

Franklin Water Pond Snake Prevention Help

Franklin Snake Catcher/Handler Expertise

Franklin, TN Snake Extermination Co.

Have your Pest Snake Prevention Pros come to your Franklin home or rental property to help rid your home, lake, pool or other location of water snakes.

We will help get your poisonous cotton mouth snake removed and keep your snake problem under control!

Adult Yellow Bellied Racer

Black-Necked Garter

Blotched Water Snake

Broad Banded Water Snake

Bull Snake

Buttermilk Racer

Checkered Garter

Desert King Snake

Diamond Backed Water Snake

Eastern Coachwhip

Eastern Hognose

Graham’s Crayfish Snake

Gray Banded King Snake

Great Plains Rat Snake

Gulf Coast Ribbon

Gulf Salt Marsh Snake

Juvenile Texas Rat Snake

Juvenile Yellow Bellied Racer

Louisiana Milk Snake

Mud Snake

Prairie Kingsnake

Red Striped Ribbon

Rough Earth Snake

Rough Green Snake

Schott’s Whipsnake

Speckled Kingsnake

Tennesee Brown Snake

Tennessee Night Snake

Tennessee Patchnose Snake

Tennessee Rat Snake

Trans Pecos Rat Snake

Western Coachwhip

Yellow Bellied Racer in Transition

Yellow Bellied Water Snake

**The list above doesn’t include all of the non-native species. Please call us even if you cannot identify your snake found in Franklin, TN or Williamson County, TN.

Help, My Pet Snake Got Loose! I need an experienced Franklin, TN Snake Expert to help find a lost snake before it gets worse!

How to Find my Lost Snake — My pet snake is on the loose in my house — Help me please i lost my pet snake — I have recently lost my pet snake

how to find a lost snake in the house

Exotic Pet or Native Species – snake locating, pet snake trapping and pet snake removal of Franklin, Brentwood, Thompson Station & Spring Hill can take care of it.

Our Nashville Exotic/Pet Snake Trapping & Removal Pros have the knowledge and ability to locate these popular but often problem-some loose pet snakes.

Ball Pythons, California King SnakesCorn SnakesPueblan Milk SnakesBoa Constrictors and other exotic snakes are the ones we often encounter on a loose Franklin/Brentwood, TN exotic snake removal call.  These snakes need to the attention of a local snake wrangling/handling company who will quickly try to locate, restrain and remove the snake as some pose a very real threat to the public.  It is extremely important to call a Brentwood, TN snake removal expert when it comes to finding and catching your loose pet snake as it is not unheard of for a  loose pet boa getting wrapped around a child or pet.

Always let a seasoned snake removal/control professional handle your snake removal or  any Franklin, TN Reptile Removal problem you have.