Professional Animal Removal vs a Standard Local Pest Control Co?

Time and time again we receive calls from Nashville residents complaining of noises in their attics, crawlspaces, walls and other areas of their home.

We hear how they called a traditional chemical using Nashville Pest Extermination Company to come out to their Brentwood or other Middle Tennessee home or commercial site. The technician does everything he has been trained to do and gives you the all clear. Great! Right? Until you are in bed for a good nights rest and you hear the gut wrenching sound of noises such as scratching, chirping, squealing or walking around.. And then the aggravation sets in.

Well don’t make that mistake! Give your #1 rated wildlife management company a call!

Because stories like this are more common than you think. We are experts in abating of wildlife and want you to get the right company for the job!

Wildlife Removal Franklin has a superior inspection. We are committed to solving your problems even if it means crawling into a crawlspace under your home to retrieve a deceased carcass or going from end to end in your attic on the search for signs of wildlife that are causing the ruckus. Some signs may include fresh raccoon latrines, mites, bat or rodent droppings, damage to vents and electrical wiring. We know how to spot weaknesses in your Nashville home when it comes to wildlife entry points and we know how to fix the problem rather than treat the problem. We remove offending wildlife and offer seal up/preventive measure to keep the problem from ever happening again. If you got a problem with your car you don’t call a boat mechanic right? So why do this with your wildlife problem? Give us a call today and lets get your problem resolved in a efficient professional manner!

The owner OPENS all jobs and Inspects all jobs to ensure you get the best possible service and quality work!